Check A License

How to Check a Contractor’s License

In California, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) licenses and regulates contractors in the construction industry, including painting contractors. They are the official source of contractor information in the State of California.

To check a Contractor at the CSLB website

Search for the contractor by license number

  • Searching by license number is the most efficient way to find detailed information about a specific contractor. You can obtain the license number from the contractor. Each contractor's plastic pocket license will show their license number.
  • Searching by business or contractor name is an alternative way of locating a contractor.

Review the contractor's license information for the following:

  • Active license status: Ensure the license is current and valid.
  • Classification: Verify the contractor has the appropriate classification for your painting project.
  • Disciplinary actions: Check if there have been any complaints or disciplinary actions against the contractor.
  • Workers' compensation insurance: Confirm the contractor has valid insurance to cover their workers.

These are just a few examples. The specific topics you explore will depend on your interests and needs. You can find valuable information by reading online reviews of local contractors, checking industry resources, and attending local home improvement workshops or events.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Bryan McBride, dba A1 Quality Painting, holds an active California Contractor license as a Painting Contractor (C33 Classification).

We invite you to check with the State of California license bureau to verify the status of our contractor license #839419, along with current contractor's bonding and workers' compensation insurance information.