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Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Visitor & Customer Information

At A1 Quality Painting, we believe your privacy is important. This privacy statement describes our policies for gathering, protecting and disclosing your nonpublic personal information (‘personal information’). 

Protecting Your Information

Having committed to protecting your personal information, A1 Quality Painting limits access to those who need to know it to perform work-related tasks or to provide service to you, and as required or permitted by law.

You may have concerns about the privacy and security of information collected through our website at (‘site’). We make efforts to protect the online privacy of visitors to our site and use measures to secure personal information. However, there is a risk in transmitting information electronically. As we deem appropriate, we use encryption technology to protect your information but we cannot guarantee the security of our databases, servers, third-party databases or servers that we use, nor that information supplied by you won’t be intercepted during electronic transmission or over the internet.

Our site contains links to third-party websites. We have no control over the privacy practices or content of websites linked from our site. You should check the privacy policies of each website you visit.

Information We Collect

We collect and use personally identifiable information (‘your information’) that we receive from you, whether given to us by phone, by correspondence, by email, or submitted through our site. Your information may include personally identifiable or transaction data, website usage data (or traffic), information from third parties as permitted by law, and/or information that is publicly available including from social media sources. Your information enables us to provide you with service, and helps us to develop, improve and sell products and/or services.

Information We Share

We share information that we collect as required by law enforcement or governmental authorities; with third-parties who assist us in processing transactions and/or who provide services to us including website management; with third-parties with whom we have marketing or sales agreements; with third-parties with whom we have agreements to offer services; to authorized persons in connection with litigation, as required by court rules and orders, attorneys, accountants, auditors, and other such parties as permitted or required by law. 

We do not sell your information without your consent. However, if you make an inquiry or request a quote from us, we may use your information for business purposes or to improve services. We may use your information to respond to inquiries, questions, or comments if you visit or access our site, send us an email, or contact us by phone. We may save your inquiries, questions or comments and any contact information that you provide to us for future reference.


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Your California Privacy Rights

In accordance with CalOPPA, as part of our Privacy Policy, we agree to the following:

  • Users can visit our site anonymously.
  • Once this Privacy Policy is created, we will link to it on our home page and each web page rendered upon entering our site.
  • Our Privacy Policy link includes the word ‘Privacy’ in hypertext and can be easily found on each page, as specified above.
  • Notice to you of changes or updates to our Privacy Policy is met by us sharing and publishing changes on our privacy policy page.
  • You can change your personal information by contacting us during regular business hours.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The contents of this privacy statement are subject to changes at any time without prior notice. Changes may include superseding statements or notices. You should review our Privacy Policy each time you visit our site to become aware of changes. Your continued use of our site constitutes your acceptance of changes to our Privacy Policy, which become effective when published.

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please Contact Us.

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This Privacy Policy was last updated on February 1, 2024.